Industrial Symbiosis Network for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development in Black Sea Basin

What is SymNet?

Industrial Symbiosis Network for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Black Sea Basin Project (SymNet) is a project supported by the European Union under Joint Operational Programme "Black Sea Basin 2007-2013" and contributes to minimize the environmental degradation while maximizing economic and social development in Black Sea Basin by establishing industrial symbiosis system as a new and innovative approach. In biology, symbiosis means co-existence between diverse organisms in which each may benefit from the other, the term is applied about the industrial cooperation and benefiting from each other’s production, trade and consumption economically and environmentally. Therefore, the overall objective aims to create a new system from which both producers and consumers will benefit while decreasing the environmental footprint on Black Sea Basin.

SymNet Project will look closer into the current status of the manufacturing, logistics, tourism and energy industries and the existing commercial networks in the Black Sea Basin as well as the dynamics of these four sectors in the participating countries. Data collected will then be transferred into a database with the ultimate goal of enforcing the social and commercial interaction between the communities of decision makers, producers and sellers in Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Moldova, and creating an industrial symbiosis strategy that would contribute to the effective management of resources for developing strong, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and also economically feasible local economies by 2012.  Through this database, the project also aims to pave the way for new collaborations by increasing awareness about these four industries in the Black Sea countries and by strengthening the networks and cooperation between research organisations, policy makers and industry. It is aimed to optimize the collected data by incorporating environmental impacts and sustainability to see how trade in the Black Sea region can be increased by minimizing environmental impacts.

The project's duration is 24 months (2011-2013) and has a total budget of 745,214.34 EURO (670,692.91 EURO of total EU grant under ENPI and IPA funds and %10 co-financing by the participants' state in the programme.)

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